6 Creative Ideas for Pairing Roasted Garlic Butter with Different Dishes

Did you know that the right ingredients can completely transform the taste of your dish from basic to delightful? Roasted garlic butter is a versatile and flavorful ingredient that has a rich and aromatic flavor. It can easily elevate the taste of an otherwise boring dish and can be used as a spread, sauce, seasoning, marinade, or flavoring ingredient.

Roasted garlic butter is good on your favorite pastas or spread onto a freshly baked slice of bread. This article will discuss 6 creative ways to use it to create mouthwatering dishes.

What Is Roasted Garlic Butter?

Definition and Preparation

If you are ready to take your recipes to the next level, this is a flavorful ingredient made by combining roasted garlic cloves with creamy butter. It is a kind of compound spread with a rich, creamy texture and garlicky taste. It can also be used as a finishing touch for many delicious dishes.

Grilled garlic bulb

How to Make Homemade Roasted Garlic Butter


  • 1 whole raw garlic bulb
  • 1 unsalted butter stick, softened
  • Salt and black pepper (optional)
  • Olive oil


  1. Preheat the oven to 400°F.
  2. In the meantime, prepare the whole raw bulb for roasting. Remove the dry outer layers of the bulb. However, leave the bulb intact. Cut ¼ inch off the bulb’s top to expose the cloves.
  3. Place the bulb on aluminum foil and drizzle a small amount of olive oil.
  4. Wrap the foil tightly to make a foil pocket.
  5. Put the wrapped garlic in the oven for 40-45 minutes until well roasted. When well done, it will be soft and golden brown. Keep a close eye on it throughout the cooking process to prevent it from burning.
  6. Once done, allow the foil to cool for a few minutes. Then carefully unwrap it and allow a few more minutes for the garlic to cool.
  7. Once cooled, squeeze the bulb from the bottom to extract the roasted cloves. If there are any remaining cloves, extract them with a knife or fork.
  8. Place the roasted cloves into a bowl or on a cutting board and mash them to form a paste.
  9. Put the paste and the softened unsalted spread into a bowl and whisk until well mixed.
  10. If you prefer, add salt and black pepper to taste. Mix again until all the ingredients are well-combined.
  11. Transfer it to an airtight container or wrap it tightly in plastic wrap. Put in the refrigerator for at least an hour until it becomes firm.
  12. Store your compound butter in the refrigerator for up to two weeks or in the freezer for longer.

Roasted Garlic Butter Pairings

#1: Breads and Rolls

Roasted garlic butter is a delightful spread for freshly baked bread. You can spread it on most types of fresh bread, including dinner rolls, baguettes, focaccia, Italian bread, French bread, and more.

Garlic butter on toasted baguette bread

The butter spreads on the bread easily, imparting a creamy taste and smooth and velvety texture. The mellow flavor adds a savory, earthy taste to the bread. It is especially mouthwatering when spread on freshly made bread that is still warm right out of the oven.

The heat releases aromatic compounds when used on toasted bread. It also caramelizes the sugars in the bread and butter, creating a crispy, golden-brown exterior for a delightful textual experience when eating the bread.

#2: Grilled Vegetables

Ready to take plain and boring veggies to the next level and surprise your tastebuds? This butter enhances the flavor and texture of grilled vegetables significantly. It adds depth and complexity to roasted vegetables. It adds a delectable velvety smoothness and a slightly sweet and savory taste to the grilled vegetables.

Mixed vegetables with garlic butter

There are different ways to incorporate roasted garlic butter in grilled vegetables. You could melt some and brush over the vegetables before grilling them. Or, drizzle some on the grilled vegetables for an extra burst of flavor. Both methods result in flavorful, mouthwatering grilled vegetables.

You can also pair it with zucchini, mushrooms, bell peppers, eggplants, spinach, broccoli, squash, potatoes, and cauliflower.

#3: Seafood

Roasted garlic butter adds richness to seafood, including shrimp, grilled tilapia, scallops, salmon, lobster, seabass, and crab.

Pan-fried shrimp

For instance, when paired with yummy grilled shrimp, the delicious flavor enhances the natural sweetness of the shrimp. Similarly, when paired with lobster, it complements lobster meat’s succulent taste and texture. It adds a natural sweetness to the brininess that is characteristic of scallops as well.

Overall, this spread adds a touch of indulgence to each bite. You can brush some melted butter onto cooked seafood or use it as a dipping sauce.

#4: Pasta and Risotto

This butter can elevate a rather bland pasta dish to new levels of deliciousness. It can be incorporated into a wide range of pasta and risotto recipes. The butter adds richness and depth to the flavor and texture, while the garlic adds a savory kick I know you will love.

For example, you can use it to make a simple pasta. Simply toss the cooked pasta in a generous amount of melted butter. It will coat the pasta infusing it with delicious flavor. Adding other ingredients, such as fresh herbs, cheese, or sauteed vegetables, elevate the dish further and will make it that much more irresistible.

Another option would be to add it to classic mushroom risotto. Prepare the classic mushroom risotto like you normally would — sauté the mushrooms and onions, then add Arborio rice and vegetable broth. Leave them to cook. When almost ready, stir in a generous amount of butter for added richness.

You could also use it in other pasta and risotto recipes such as shrimp pasta and vegetable pasta. Alternatively, you can add it to your pasta sauce. For example, it is a great addition to the classic Alfredo sauce. You will never reach for jarred sauce again!

#5: Steaks and Grilled Meats

Roasted garlic butter also enhances the taste of a grilled steak and other meats. For example, it pairs well with ribeye steak, filet mignon, grilled lamb chops, and grilled chicken breasts. 

You can either melt it and brush it onto the meat during grilling or add a pat of butter to the meat before serving. In both cases, the butter blends with the meat’s natural juices for a delightful taste, sure to please any meat lover in the family.

#6: Roasted Potatoes

The addition of roasted garlic butter can easily make any roasted potato recipe that much better. There are unlimited roasted potato recipes with variations, including parmesan cheese roasted potatoes, herb-roasted tomatoes, and classic roasted potatoes.

Roasted garlic for garlic butter spread

You can make your potato recipe as garlicky and buttery as you want. Try out different variations to find which one you like most. You will probably end up adding roasted potatoes to your weekly meal menu.


As evidenced above, this spread is versatile and can be used in various recipes. It elevates any dish’s taste, flavor, aroma, and texture. Whether spreading it onto freshly baked bread or dinner rolls or adding it to a baked potato with fresh parsley, you are in for a delightful treat.

So, the next time you are creating in the kitchen, consider reaching for this delicious treat to add a burst of flavor to your dish and round out an otherwise perfect meal.  

Roasted Garlic Butter FAQ

Raw garlic has a very intense taste and smell. When you roast whole cloves, the heat gives them a new structure, making them sweeter, softer, and buttery. This also doesn’t mean you lose the flavor; it is just enhanced. When it roasts in the oven, it becomes slightly caramelized, imparting much more flavor than when raw.

Yes. You want to refrigerate it to reduce the risk of botulism. Store your homemade butter in the refrigerator, where it will stay good for up to three days.

If you overcook your roasted garlic, then your garlic butter can become bitter. You should only cook it until it is golden brown. Once golden, remove it from the oven. It can also become bitter when the roasted garlic is cooked at too high a temperature.

You can store it in the freezer for up to three months. You can choose to freeze it in a larger batch or portion it out into ice cube trays for smaller servings that will easily thaw.

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