Hi, and welcome to GrilledVeggie.com where We are sharing our passion for eating tasty vegetables 😊

Coming from an Eastern European country where meat is very important in the cuisine, we were not a big fan of eating vegetables (and generally eating healthy) at all. Although we were eating veggies regularly, we always considered them ‘something we must eat’ because we were told so.

Then we moved to the Mediterranean, started to travel the world, and learned that vegetables are delicious if they are prepared in the right way and have a lot of positive effects on your well-being!

Although we are not vegetarian or vegan (so you will find here recipes with meat too), we think it is good to reduce meat consumption and eat more vegetable-packed meals. We are also experienced bloggers (we run a few sites about our travels for more than 8 years now) so we thought why not share our tips and tricks on this topic too, maybe we could give some inspiration to others on how to prepare veggies that are not only healthy but also delicious.

We are glad that you found our site and hope that our content will help you cook and eat more meals with flavourful vegetables!


Traveling extensively in parts of the world where people eat way more veggies than in my home country, I have learned that vegetable-heavy meals are not necessarily bland and boring. By sharing interesting facts, and answering some typical questions I had about veggies (and you might have too) along with tips on how to cook veggies in a way that they look and taste good, I am here to help you increase your vegetable intake!


We all know men like to barbeque and consider the grill to be their domain – this tradition probably dates all the way back to the beginning of civilization, when hunting for food and cooking was male’s prestige. Frankly, I was not that guy who loved to cook, but somehow I became a grilling enthusiast and learned so much about BBQ skills, grill types, and how to cook different foods, whether meat or veggie. On this website, I am ready to share my tips and tricks with you!